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Neil Armstrong On Being A Nerd

“An Engineering Manifesto by the first man on the moon. “Science is about what is. Engineering is about what CAN be.”” (YouTube) PHD Comics animates Neil Armstrong‘s engineering manifesto on being a nerd. His definition of engineering is pretty interesting, … Continue reading

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A Capella Science – Nerds: A Manifesto

A Capella Science – Nerds: A Manifesto. Incredible rap ability, great references, and fantastic tune. It’s no secret that the geeks shall inherit the Earth… which they pretty much have already. Onwards!

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Epic Rap Battle – Nerd vs. Geek

Epic Rap Battle – Nerd vs. Geek. Ah, the age old battle between Nerd and Geek. This time however, it’s fought out in rap! And it’s really rather well done too. Which characteristic do you empathise with the most? Onwards!

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DeAnne Smith – Nerdy Love Song

DeAnne Smith – Nerdy Love Song. This song is amazing. Nerdy, catchy, brilliant. The kitten also makes things adorable! I less than 3 all of you. Onwards!

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Weekly Ramblings – Geeky Venn Potatoes Nerd Time Lord Bond

Weeks go by quickly, don’t they? Time for another round of Weekly Ramblings! This one is rather nerdy… Do you know the difference between “nerd” and “geek”? How about “dweeb” and “dork”? Shown after the break below is a handy … Continue reading

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