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Periodic Table – Where Your Elements Came From

“The hydrogen in your body, present in every molecule of water, came from the Big Bang. There are no other appreciable sources of hydrogen in the universe. The carbon in your body was made by nuclear fusion in the interior … Continue reading

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Royal Institution Advent Calendar 2015 – A Place Called Space

I really enjoy the yearly The Royal Institution advent calendars. They each have a theme, and for each day up until Christmas, they post an image or video or text concerning that theme. 2012 was all about the elements in the Periodic … Continue reading

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The Astrobiological Periodic Table

I love all the various versions of the Periodic Table, and have already mentioned several different ones, including an interactive one, one of dots, one of irrational nonsense, one of elemental discoveries, and even one of cupcakes. Today, we have … Continue reading

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The Genius Of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table

“The elements had been listed and carefully arranged before Dmitri Mendeleev. They had even been organized by similar properties before. So why is Mendeelev’s periodic table the one that has endured? Lou Serico explains via Ekaaluminium, an element whose existence … Continue reading

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Periodic Table Of Elements

Ah, the periodic table. Loathed by all students having to learn it during chemistry lessons at school, but loved by many more people for the amount of information it can provide. As well as showing us all the elements we currently … Continue reading

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Lindsey Stirling – Elements (Dubstep Violin)

Lindsey Stirling – Elements (Dubstep Violin). Another beautiful dubstep violin tune from Lindsey Stirling. Titled Elements, it’s to do with the four original elements, earth, air, fire, and water. Not the periodic table of elements, which would be a different … Continue reading

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Iodine Clock Demonstration

“This is an eye-catching colour change demonstration in which a colourless solution suddenly changes to a dark-blue after an amount of time. The demonstration is particularly well-suited as an introduction to reaction rates and kinetics.” (YouTube) Alom Shaha gives a … Continue reading

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