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Portal: Survive! (Live-Action Short)

This is a great live-action short film based on the game Portal. Remember, GLaDOS is not evil. She just wants to perform tests on you with deadly harmless neurotoxin. Can you survive? The music is great too. Onwards!

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“In this new Red Giant short film, a scientist must prevent a new, powerful technology from falling into the wrong hands.” (Vimeo) This is a great short film by Red Giant. It’s completely in the realm of science fiction, as … Continue reading

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Portal’s “Still Alive” In Guild Wars 2

The tune to Portal‘s brilliant song “Still Alive” recreated in Guild Wars 2 using entirely in game sounds (the Wintersday Choir Bell and the Pipe Organ). The result is mightily impressive. Ding ding ding! Onwards!

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What If Machine – Portal

“Just what is a Portal gun and when can I buy one? Will the earth soon be ruled by super advanced GLaDOS-like AI? Cam Robinson investigates these questions and more in this debut episode of The What If Machine.“ Science … Continue reading

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Portal’s ‘Still Alive’ Played By Fiber Laser

Have you ever wanted to play music using lasers? No? Well, Chris DePrisco does. And he has. What song did he decide to create? Why, none other than the brilliant “Still Alive” from Portal. Here’s how he accomplished this great feat: … Continue reading

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Portal 2 – This Is Aperture

Portal 2 – This Is Aperture. A fantastic fan-made music video,  a Portal-style remake of ‘This Is Halloween‘ (by Danny Elfman) from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The thank you video is quite amusing as well. Onwards!

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Aperture: A Triumph of Science

“‘Aperture: A Triumph of Science’ is a documentary exploring the genius of great minds at Aperture Laboratories just before the proud debut of their Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.” Fantastic video based on Portal. Historically accurate, funny, and informative. … Continue reading

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