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Star Wars Speeder Bike Quadrocopter

This video is very cool. Using parts from an Imperial speeder bike toy and a quadrocopter, Adam Woodworth made an actual flying Imperial speeder bike, and it is glorious. To make things even better, he put a camera in the stormtrooper’s … Continue reading

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Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics

More quadrocopter action! This time, a “video showing two quadrocopters capable of not only balancing an inverted pendulum, but also of launching it off the vehicle and catching it again.” (YouTube) That’s some precision engineering. Onwards!

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Weekly Ramblings – Quadrocopters

Weekly Ramblings time, with a theme! This one is all about quadrocopters. There will be a bunch of videos after the break. First up, we have a great example of how agile and precise a swarm of quadrocopters can be. … Continue reading

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49 Quadrocopters Form 3D Models In The Sky

Have you ever wondered what 49 quadrocopters look like at night whilst creating 3D formations in the sky? Well, the video above demonstrates it perfectly, and that’s only a test flight video! The full video is apparently in the works. … Continue reading

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