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Tim Minchin — The Good Book

Tim Minchin – The Good Book. A brilliant video to accompany a great song by Tim Minchin. Remember, The Good Book is good because it’s a book and it is good. Onwards!

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Tim Minchin – Not Perfect

Tim Minchin – Not Perfect. A live performance of “Not Perfect” by Tim Minchin. A beautiful, sad, clever, funny, and poignant song. It’s not perfect, but it is rather great. Onwards!

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Tim Minchin – Occasional Address

“Tim Minchin, the former UWA arts student described as “sublimely talented, witty, smart and unabashedly offensive” in a musical career that has taken the world by storm, is awarded an honorary doctorate by The University of Western Australia.” (YouTube) Tim … Continue reading

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The Story Of You: ENCODE And The Human Genome

The Story of You: ENCODE and the human genome is a wonderful introduction to genomes, DNA, and their history, made by Nature and narrated by Tim Minchin. “Ever since a monk called Mendel started breeding pea plants we’ve been learning … Continue reading

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The Red Flags Of Quackery

Handy guide about quackery, and what to look out for should you ever feel in doubt. All credit to the wonderful Sci-ence, a most excellent site. I especially like the “Minchin Declaration“. Be safe, and be sceptical. Onwards!

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Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun

Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun. Merry Christmas / Newtonmas all. Hope you spend it with those you love most. Onwards.

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Tim Minchin – Woody Allen Jesus

Tim Minchin – Woody Allen Jesus. This song was meant to air on the Jonathan Ross Show tonight, but at the last minute ITV cut it. Head over to Tim Minchin‘s website for his blog about it. Here’s to Magic-Woody-Allen-Zombie-Super­man-Komodo-Dragon-Telepathic-V­ampire-Quantum-Hovercraft-Tim … Continue reading

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