Throwback Thursday #19

Throwback Thursday is here once again. To start this week off, we have a mix of the Cornetto trilogy films by Edgar Wright, and it’s rather well done. If you haven’t seen any / all of those films, you’re missing out, because they are amazing.

Have you ever wondered where your eyes wander to when watching a film? Interestingly, it’s often the same place as other people watch as well. Over at Mental Floss, you can watch a scene along with eleven other pairs of eyeballs.

Sticking with films and science fiction, Battlestar Galactica celebrated it’s 10th anniversary a couple of years ago (Slate), and the questions it posed are as relevant today as they were when the show aired. Technology and AI will continue to play a huge role in our lives.

But can science fiction ever get the science completely right (BBC)? The article focuses on the amazing film Gravity (go see it if you haven’t already), and how there are several scientific inaccuracies portrayed in that film, despite getting a lot of other science correct. Following on from this is a neat article over at io9 complaining about people complaining that we’re no longer living in the “Space Age”. We are, perhaps even more so, despite not having sent anyone to the moon in a while.

Finally, Maths and Movies (Animation at Pixar) by Numberphile is an interesting look behind the scenes at Pixar, and how mathematics plays a huge role in creating their animations. 

I’ll leave it here for this week. You got red on you. Onwards!

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