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Throwback Thursday #8

We’ve had a couple of themed Throwback Thursdays recently, so this one is more random. It’ll contain several links to pretty awesome pictures. First up, buildings! Or rather, the whimsical street art of Nomerz (Colossal). This guy has painted faces … Continue reading

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Sand Creatures

What do you get when you throw sand into the air and capture the image using a high speed camera? Sand creatures. That’s what you get. This is precisely what Claire Droppert has done. She threw clumps of wet sand … Continue reading

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Marine Worms

Marine worms are creepy. Really, really creepy. One might even say nightmarish. On the flip side, they also look stunning. Alexander Semenov is an amazing photographer of creepy crawly things living in the sea. He’s just released some incredible images (like … Continue reading

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Chasing Storms

Chasing storms is not something that is suited to everyone. However, for those that do, you can take some truly amazing photographs (Colossal). One such storm chaser is Mike Hollingshead, and his photographs are breathtaking. The way he manages to … Continue reading

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High Speed Flower Explosions

What do you get if you freeze flowers in liquid nitrogen and then shoot them with an air gun? Some pretty spectacular images (Colossal). “The life of a flower usually ends in slow, inglorious decay as petals wilt and succumbs … Continue reading

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Planetary Cakes

Everyone loves cake. Everyone loves planets. That may be a slight exaggeration, but what I think we’ll all be able to agree upon is that everyone will love these planetary cakes. Created by Cakecrumbs, these cakes looks amazing, and are … Continue reading

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Long Exposure Neon Waterfalls

What’s happened to the waterfall? Why is it green? The answer is rather subtle and ingenious. Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard dropped high-powered Cyalume glow sticks in a variety of colours into various waterfalls, and captured the results using long exposure … Continue reading

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