Throwback Thursday #8

Happy BuildingWe’ve had a couple of themed Throwback Thursdays recently, so this one is more random. It’ll contain several links to pretty awesome pictures.

First up, buildings! Or rather, the whimsical street art of Nomerz (Colossal). This guy has painted faces onto buildings, using the natural design and shape of the building to guide his hand. I love the happy tower shown here.

Some buildings are purpose built as bookshops. Some bookshops are more stunning than others, and Flavorwire have a collection of the 20 most beautiful bookshops in the world. There are some really unique stores out there!

Near by bookshops, you often have poles and boards upon which you can stick flyers. Most flyers are useful; some are not (Mental Floss). These 12 flyers are utterly pointless, but wonderful to observe nonetheless.

Finally, we come to some seriously impressive photographs. Pxleyes have collected together 50 photos that will blow you away, and they’re not wrong. The majority of them are to do with nature and our natural environment, and they’re stunning to look at.

There we have it, pictures pictures everywhere. Onwards!

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